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Interior Signs

Interior Signs can be categorized into two groups. The first being signs thatidentify a purpose, place or thing. These are typically signs that identify a room such as the restroom or an exit. They can also identify an office or room number. Interior signs that identify something are most common in commercial properties where they are the single way to guide people to the right destination. Bakers Signs can provide your company with these types of signs as well as ADA Interior Signs that are legally required on commercial property to aid the handicapped.

The second type of Interior Sign is an impact sign that usually takes the form of a company logo, company message or wall art for decorative expression. This type of Interior Sign can come in just about any size or shape, illuminated or non-illuminated. There is an extensive variety of materials that are used to express the style and texture desired by the company. Interior Signs are not limited to materials that are weather durable which allows dramatically more options and flexibility during the design and fabrication process. With advances in technology and substrates, Bakers' Signs and Manufacturing can literally create just about anything you can dream up.

We help businesses across Texas, with experience in cities like Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. For more information on Non-Lit Signs, please Contact Us! Thank You.

The most common forms of Interior Signs are:

  • - Restroom Signs
  • - Exit & Stairway Signs
  • - No Smoking Signs
  • - Warning Signs
  • - Office Numbers
  • - ADA Signs
  • - Braille Signs
  • - Company Logos
  • - Stud Mounted Letters
  • - Decorative Art & Signs

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